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Virus Removal


You know your computer has a virus if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Slow performance, particularly while browsing internet
  • Erratic performance – sometimes slow, sometimes not
  • Computer reboots randomly while you are working
  • Receiving replies to emails that you did not send
  • Can’t access some of the most common internet websites
  • Programmes won’t launch
  • Pop-ups won’t pop-up
  • Unable to print
  • Receiving strange (even threatening) pop-up messages
  • Computer reboots randomly
  • Missing pictures and documents
  • Disabled anti-virus software
  • Get redirected to non-existent websites
  • Other unusual performance problems

At Your Tech Bench of Birmingham, MI, our skilled computer geeks are ready and waiting to tackle your virus, malware or other infection and get your computer up and running again as soon as we possibly can.

Remember – it is always better to treat computer virus and malware infections sooner rather than later so that you minimize the risk of losing or corrupting your important files and data.

Telephone 248-792-5158 right away to set up your online assistance, in-home or in-office visit, or drop your Mac or PC into our state of the art workshop located at 33242 Woodward Avenue, Birmingham, MI.

Why Use Your Tech Bench and not an online virus removal service?

The advantages of using Your Tech Bench experts are that we are:

  • Fast – some viruses removed in less than an hour!
  • Efficient – maximum of three days turn around
  • Honest advice – we won’t waste your time offering services you don’t need
  • Reasonably priced – you pay nothing if we don’t fix the problem
  • Known locally in and around Birmingham, MI, (and further afield!) to be very good at what we do
  • We guarantee our work for 90 days
  • You can choose between online, in-home/workplace or in-store assistance.
  • All our technicians operate out of Birmingham, MI, USA.

Our Your Tech Bench technicians have wide experience in eradicating just about every virus or malware that has ever been known to attack a PC or Mac.

We eliminate adware, spyware and Trojans too, and stay tuned in to all the latest developments in removing recently-emerged computer infections of every description so we are confident of having the skills and training to enable us to figure out how to clear up any new viruses too.
We will install updates, patches and the appropriate security, virus and malware protection software to keep your computer healthy for at least 90 days after our service – as well as more likely to remain infection free afterwards too – this is our guarantee to you.

If the virus has affected or corrupted your data, we can help you to recover it and to set up an ongoing backup system so that you can always access a copy of your important information in the future if ever you experience another virus or malware problem or – worse still – a total system crash.

Read some of our testimonials to see what our previous clients think about our virus and malware removal services.

No matter what type of computer problems you are experiencing with your Mac or PC our technicians at Your Tech Bench of Birmingham, MI, will be only too pleased to help.

And we’ll take the time to explain to you what we plan to do in plain simple English free of computer jargon-ese!

We are just a phone call away – call 248-792-5158 and let us start getting your computer up and running again without further delay.

Your Tech Bench of Birmingham, MI: virus, Trojan, malware, adware, rootkit and other computer infections removed and cured within just hours – three days max!