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The Truth About Keeping Your Computer On All The Time

Some computer users have been caught in the dilemma of whether or not the computer should be left on all the time. Others presume that it should be kept on to avoid turning it on and off every once in a while and to lessen the time with which to wait for it to reboot once you have to use it again. Some individuals would rather turn it off even if it means using it again in the next 15 minutes or so. This would somehow help them save energy or protect the computer better, they suppose.

With this predicament, you might want to know the truth behind keeping your computer on for long. Once you know the facts, you can then decide if you should leave it on all the time or switch it down once it is not in usage.

There are instances when turning it off would be the better way

This is especially so when you are not going to use your computer for a long period of time. If you leave your computer on all the time, you might compromise the software, hardware and all other components that make it run. The problem can either cause short or long term issues.

Picture this. You decided to leave your computer on overnight. In this case, when you use it the next day, you would notice that your software and hardware components are performing very slowly. While this is not a long-term issue, you cannot deny the fact that any habitual leaving of your computer on would cause errors. These errors take place when you run computer programs and in such a case even the operating system would stop working. It is then best to restart your computer before working rather than keeping it on overnight without using it.

Turning the computer off would be best too when you transport it


Imagine having to travel miles and carrying your laptop with you. In this case, do you think it would be best to keep the computer on during travel? Well, if you are not yet convinced you should turn it off then let us take things a little farther. What if you accidentally drop it during the travel? When this is the case, the hard drive can get damaged most especially when it is left on.

Heat can cause problems

Heat is emitted by the computer every single time, whether you are using it or not. When heat starts to build up, expect that the supposed optimal computer performance would be compromised. The longer you keep your computer on, the more it will generate heat. This particular problem will then take its toll on all of your computer components. You may say that some modern computers are made to get rid of this heat but if you want to prolong the lifespan of your computer in general, you should find ways on how to avoid it. Remember thought that in instances when you will be using the PC soon or you are downloading some files to your computer, you should keep the computer on.

Keeping your computer on can cause system wear and tear

Keeping your computer on when you are not using it can cause some of its parts to wear out. The hard drive, most particularly, keeps spinning thus this can be compromised in the process. However, you have to take note too that turning your PC on and off very often will also cause some strains on the drive’s motor since it has to spin up and down every once in a while. If wear and tear is an issue, you better determine whether it is good to keep it on or turn it off depending on how you are going to use it.

Drained battery is an obvious problem when keeping your computer on all the time

Keeping your computer on all the time, especially if you own a laptop, would cause you to recharge the batteries more often than usual. While power-saving modes are made available as an alternative in this case, you should understand that the battery will get drained more often than it would if you turn it off when not in use. Shutting it down between uses or keeping it in hibernation mode can be an option depending again on when you will be using the PC again.

So, is leaving a computer on a really bad thing?

No, honestly, the above pointers can affect your computer but it is not going to wreck the device instantly as any Birmingham computer repair specialist will tell you. A laptop or computer can be kept on if you need to use it frequently. When you are travelling to another place or not going to use the device or quote some time, there is no question as to why you should not turn it off. And even if you decide to keep your device on all the time, you should also switch it off in a long while so as to allow important updates to be installed and rebooted to improve efficiency.

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