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PC Cleaning: How To Improve Speed And Response On Your Computer

You need to keep your PC clean if you are eyeing on effective performance. If the PC gets clogged with too much stuff, it is going to ‘hang’ and perform slower. No one likes working with a computer that responds slowly to commands, whether it’s on the keyboard or on your mouse. Therefore, you need an effective plan for maintaining the PC in the best condition. There are a number of useful ideas that can help you anytime you want to clean up your PC and make it fast and more responsive. Here is a look at some useful ideas:

Deleting unwanted programs


On many occasions, people will complain about slow performance in their PC while forgetting that the presence of unwanted programs eat up storage space. Storage space in the PC is vital and if it is little, it will have performance issues. In that case, you need to look out for programs that you do not need. This also applies to all manner of files. Deleting them will de-clutter the disk space in your PC. After some time, you will see an improvement in PC performance.

Hard drive defragmenting

When you are done getting rid of all the unwanted files and programs, you should defragment the hard drive. This is usually an effective step that goes a long way to improve PC performance. It allows you to compact data remaining in the PC making it easier for the computer to access any data at any time. Defragmenting the hard drive is important as it helps to speed your PC especially when you need efficiency and great response.

When the PC runs, the hard drive spins very fast as data is being saved and resaved randomly on it in packets. If your PC calls out on the hard drive to find particular information, it may take longer to find the data. Defragmentation fixes this problem by ensuring that there are no gaps between the data packets.

Eliminating programs in the startup tasks

Sometimes you do not have to entirely remove a program or programs from your PC to make it faster. All you need to do is eliminate them in the startup process. This is because numerous programs auto-launch when you start up your PC. That happens so that you no longer have to wait when you want to use any of these programs. However, you may not always want to use these programs. In that case, the best thing to do is to remove the programs that you do not need from the launch to make things easier.

Organizing the desktop

Finally, you need to work on your desktop by making sure it is organized and cleaned up. Once again, if there are other unwanted folders, get rid of them. Look out particularly for unused shortcuts and remove them. Removing them does not uninstall the original program but helps clear the desktop. If you need to find any file or folder, you can simply go to the Start menu search box and type the name of the specific file or folder that you need. With an organized desktop, you can look forward to great responding time on your PC whenever you use it.

Other serious issues that you may encounter include serious viruses and malware. In this case, you can take your laptop for Birmingham computer virus cleaning services. This works if you have a stubborn virus that is wreaking havoc in your PC. Also, your anti-virus programs may fail to deal with certain viruses. That is why the most recommendable thing to do is to take your PC to a repair technician for professional assistance. Over and above all, these simple ideas can help you to keep your PC safe, fast and responsive.

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