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How To Prevent Your Smartphone From Overheating

Don’t you just hate it when you’re browsing or listening to music on your phone and it suddenly heats up? If you’re lucky to have a smartphone with removable batteries, you can change the battery and get some reprieve. But sometimes even such quick fixes don’t work. The phone then starts hanging every time you browse the web, play a game, text or even as you make a call. Eventually, it breaks down. It then hits you that there could have been a teething problem with the phone the moment it started heating up.

You learn this lesson as you take your phone for repair or as you plan to buy a new one. But why go such a long way while there are preventive measures that can save you from the aforementioned agonies? Read on to learn a thing or two on how to prevent your smartphone from overheating.

Charge your phone correctly


Is there a correct way to charge your phone other than just plugging it into the socket? Yes, there is! First off, always charge your phone in ‘small portions’ other than waiting for it to completely run out of battery then charging it at a go. Then avoid using your phone as it charges, as this will strain it and force it to heat up within minutes. The phone, just like a laptop has a processor which can get overworked with many functions and applications running at the same time. Be sure too to remove your phone’s case as you charge it. Leaving it on will only subject the phone to hot conditions, something that can easily cause an explosion as the phone charges.

Keep the phone in a cool place

Observe this rule especially during summer. You will need to seek shade several times during summer. But what about your phone? It needs some shade as well. In other words, keep it away from direct sunlight. You can imagine what will happen to the phone when it’s already hot from directly sun, then one plugs it into a socket to charge it. Allow it to cool first then plug it in. Then try not to keep your phone in a tight pocket especially if you are likely to get sweaty. Like other devices, moisture and your phone never hand in hand. Keep the phone in a larger pocket, a purse or a bag.

Invest in a good cover

A good smartphone cover will go a long way to help your phone last if you are an outdoor person. Water, sand and dust has already been listed by smartphone experts as the three biggest smartphone killers today. Exposing your phone to these elements will cause accumulation around the charging and USB ports. Some may find their way into your phone. Before long, your phone will start heating up. Remember a good cover will also protect your phone’s screen from damage. The cover may look or even feel like a ‘killjoy’ while using your phone outside. Look at the bigger picture though – a slight loss of responsiveness is far much bearable than a total loss of functionality.

Avoid sudden temperature changes

It is easy to feel tempted to put your phone in a freezer or a refrigerator once it heats up. Experts refer to such a move as a terrible idea. Your phone will eventually cool down but before then, it may end up shutting down completely. That is because sudden temperature changes strain phone components. It also attracts moisture, which is a surefire of breaking your device. As any Birmingham iPhone repair expert will tell you, simply let your phone cool down the natural away. Put it aside for a few hours if you have to.

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