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How To Deal With A Computer Virus

Knowing that your computer has been infected with a virus would be the last thing you would ever wish to happen. There are times when anti-virus or anti-malware software is not installed in computer that make the situation deteriorate quickly. If you are not a techy person, it is very important that you look for a Birmingham computer virus cleaning specialist to sort out the matter. For quick damage control at the first instance, consider the following tips and save your computer and the devices it is connected to.

Disconnect your PC

Malware usually uses internet to connect PC to another computer that may later make it transmit data or give instructions. This is the reason why it is asked to have good security whenever public Wi-Fi is used and is recommended to disconnect a PC that has been infected with virus.

Whether you are a Wi-Fi user or have Ethernet connection, simply disconnect your internet connection in the first place. In case you are having problem in disabling your internet connection, simply move to the next step.

Shut down your PC


Even if malware loses its internet connection, it can still harm your PC if it is on by corrupting or deleting the files or at times ransoming them. Ransomware encrypts the files that seem to be important, a document folder for instance, and then demands from you to pay in order to regain access to such files and folders. This means that removing ransomware from the system does not solve the problem as the encryption is still there. Removing encryption is a complex process that requires a lot of time and special expertise.

There are times when virus prevents the user from shutting down his PC. However, he can do that by holding the power button of the PC for about five seconds. Before you force your computer to shut down, make sure you have saved your documents and have closed all the programs. Otherwise, there are chances that your files get corrupt.

The next step is to use rescue/emergency media i.e. USB thumb drive or a DVD that has malware scanner installed on it. This will help you in cleaning your PC and in case of ransomware, it would help you in deciding whether it is feasible to pay for the encrypted files or not. You may also head towards a computer virus cleaning expert if you are confused and have no idea how to remove the virus. The specialist would be happy to assist you.

Backing up your files

Since there is always a threat of virus and malware attacks, experts recommend having a regular backup of the data. There are many options in this regard. You may put your stuff on an external drive, in a secure cloud and even store copies of your important documents like tax records and contracts in a different physical location like a DVD etc. There are considered as highly durable forms of storage media. The best way to prepare yourself against any malware is to keep multiple copies of your data in several locations.

Look for a virus cleaning expert

It is quite common to see people panic as their computer becomes a victim of some viruses or malware. Under such a situation, it is better to seek professional assistance. The specialists are fully qualified in their respective fields have encountered all sort of malware related problems over the course of time. Plenty of things can happen when such malicious programs take over the computer. Sometimes the results are devastating and require expensive exercise in damage control. If you are not getting a single clue from where the virus has come from, simply switch off your PC and heads towards a workshop and hand over the matter to the experts!

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