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How Difficult Could iPhone Screen Repair Be?

You are walking down the lane when you accidently drop your iPhone on the concrete pavement. Unfortunately, the screen gets completely shattered. You are thereon cut off from the outside world; unable to talk, Google, text, and perhaps worst of all, plays your favourite game or video. After you are done cursing and howling, what should you do next? Use a local shop or mail-in repair service to try and fix the phone? Or try to fix it yourself? And which of the available repair options is really worth the trouble and the cost? Well, read on to find out.

A recent study shows that almost all of us are inextricably tethered to our smartphones and it gets really frustrating when they break. Unfortunately, thousands of them do break on a daily basis. This means the risk is genuine and quite significant. Although most people think that broken screens are easy to repair, this often is not the case. Smartphone screens are more than mere glass; they are sensory screens that make it possible for your iPhone to operate as they directly connect to its brain. Unfortunately, the commonest repair options though seemingly easy are quite expensive.

The local fix


People who reside in Birmingham have quite a number of local places where they can take their broken iPhones to be repaired. In addition to the well known Birmingham iPhone repair shops, they are several other tiny booths in the malls where iPhoners are also professionally fixed. The owner simply drops it off and after a few minutes, less than thirty, comes back and picks the already fixed phone. If this doesn’t work for the phone owner, he can opt for the ever-ready-for-action mobile phone repair professionals, who will can come to the house or office and fix the phone.

For this option to work, all that is required is to pick the phone, call and explain the problem, and in a matter of minutes or a few hours, the repair person will come and sort you out. Smartphone screen repairs range from $70- $200 depending on the model type and the repair shop or technician carrying out the task. Expert repairers take around 15 minutes to fix broken screens. The best thing about opting for this option is that it is safer and saves you a lot of time.

If you ever consider having a broken screen on an iPhone replaced by a local company or a mobile repair person, make sure to choose a trustworthy service provider. Your friends can recommend somebody like this. However, if this can’t work for your case, then at least check online reviews before settling for any of the many available service providers. The most preferable iPhone repair person is one who offers a warranty for his service. By having the phone repaired in a local store, you can save some money while at it as it is possible to strike a better repair deal with the owner or technician.

Mail in vs. taking the phone to the Apple store

Mail-in option is ideal for people who can afford to part with their phone for a few days. The best thing about this option is that you will pay lower rates compared to taking the same phone to an apple store for repairs. However, note that if your phone is covered by the Apple’s AppleCare Insurance plan, it will only cost you around $49 to replace the screen. If not, it cost around $150-$200 for the same kind of repairs. The said insurance cover sets you back by $99, and has to be paid up front. You still have to fork out $49 for the actual repair, meaning that the repair cost remains $150 or more in actual sense.

Do-it-yourself option

If you are super geeky, then this repair option is best ideal for you. However, for a majority of people, it is strongly advisable not to opt for this option even when they consider themselves knowledgeable in things smartphones as they might end up doing more damage than good. There are so many things that can go wrong when ordinary people opt for this option, meaning that it is really not worth it.

To avoid cracking the screen on your iPhone, it is recommended that you protect it with a clear screen protector or an appropriate rubber case. A good insurance plan can also be used to cover the cost of most repairs or if need be, the replacements. A good policy can help you cater for the almost all types of losses, including a total submersion, a cracked screen, and many more.

However, it must be mentioned that even very hands-on DIY enthusiasts will find it hard to fix complex iPhone issues so the best course of action is to rely on Apple repair centre services or head to the local iPhone repair technician services to solve these issues.

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