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Data Recovery

Mac and PC Data Recovery in Birmingham, MI

Does your hard drive click, whirr, grind, hum or make other strange noises when you turn it on?
Is your Mac or PC physically damaged or traumatized in some way (Been dropped? Wet? Cracked?)
Is your software corrupted, your drives inaccessible or has a virus left your computer with data black holes?
If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then shut your system down and call us right away to avoid severe data loss.

We suggest you don’t hit your computer, put it in the freezer or try any of those other crazy home remedies you sometimes read online. You could do much more damage than good and lose your valuable data for ever.

Instead, telephone Your Tech Bench on 248-792-5158 or bring your Mac or PC into our Birmingham, MI, store.
You’ll find us at 33242 Woodward Avenue. Open Monday-Friday 10-6, Saturdays 10-4.
At Your Tech Bench of Birmingham, MI, we have the skills and trained personnel to recover your data from damaged Mac and PC hard drives.
Among the many data and hard drive recovery services we offer we can:

  • Get your PC or MAC to boot again
  • Help recover data after virus, malware and other infectious attacks
  • Recuperate corrupted software
  • Access blocked drives
  • Recover your data and systems after natural disasters (fire, floods, etc)
  • Recover data after power surges cause havoc with your system
  • Recover data after brown outs
  • Recover corrupted data
  • Recover data after a total hard drive crash/failure

If the data on your PC or Mac can actually be recovered, our experienced teams of technicians at Your Tech Bench will find a way to get it back for you. We know how invaluable your data is to you and how very important it is to restore it quickly and securely so that you can keep your busy life on track and not lose precious time. We will recover data from both personal use Mac or PC home computers right the way up to small business multi-computer system networks – jobs of all sizes are happily accepted.

Why chose Your Tech Bench of Birmingham to help you with PC and Mac data recovery?

  • We can recover data that other companies failed to find
  • Our services won’t void your original warranty
  • We’ve had a very high success rate in PC and Mac data recovery
  • We use a very secure process and environment so your recovered data stays safe and private
  • We work out of a very hygienic cleanroom working environment
  • We accept jobs both large and small – nothing is too trivial or too big for our data recover team!
  • Our prices are very fair, reasonable and honest – we won’t charge you more than the job really merits.

At Your Tech Bench we know that there are plenty of big box computer stores out there offering data recovery and other services at a fast turn-over rate. The difference between them and us is that we treat you as an individual, not just a job ticket number. We take the time to listen to what you need, find the data you are looking for, explain what we did to recover it, and then demonstrate to you that your computer is up and running again.

We will answer any questions and make a point of explaining in clear, simple English free of any type of computer jargon because we know that not everyone out there is a dedicated computer fanatic like we are.

No matter what type of data you are looking to retrieve – documents, music, photos, pictures, images, diagrams, downloads, and more, we are confident that our skilled personnel at Your Tech Bench of Birmingham, MI, will be able to assist.

To find out more about our Mac and PC data recovery services call 248-792-5158 or, better yet, drop into our store located on 33242 Woodward Avenue, Birmingham, Michigan, 48009.

We’re open daily from 10-6, Saturdays from 10-4 (closed Sundays).

We will happily go out to on-site visits by prior appointment – just call to talk to one of our team.

Your Tech Bench of Birmingham, MI: fast recovery of data from Macs and PCs so that you can get your life back on track without delay.