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Data Recovery Methods For A Dead Hard Drive

There are many instances when your hard drive would show signs that it is about to die. It either makes a screeching, clicking or popping sound or at times, it would also suddenly crash. What if you have not been given these signs and to your dismay, it suddenly stopped working? Well, there is reason enough to worry especially that your most important files are kept in there and you have not backed those files up. The good news is you can actually recover lost data from a dying hard drive. All you need is to try any of the following methods.

Start with the basic methods


The basics would include inspecting damage over the hard drive. When your hard drive died, make sure you stop using the computer and saving files into the external hard drive. Shut the computer down or if the external drive can be disconnected, then do so. Check the hard drive for signs of damage, paying particular attention to the external control board. In this instance, you must also see if there are broken parts on the board. There are times when replacing the cables will also solve the problem. You can also try connecting the external drive to another PC. When you find out the drive works then the true culprit to the issue is your PC’s motherboard.

Replace the external drive’s controller board

If this part can be removed without compromising the drive’s platters then you can proceed to the rest of the job. Assuming it is removable then you can start looking for a sacrificial drive making sure that you use the same model number as that of the previous drive you have been using. You can spot such items through online shops. Remove the screws of the dying drive then detach it. From there, you can follow instructions on how to make the replacement.

Try tapping it hard

Sometimes, there is a sign that hard drive is drying when the device is no longer recognizable by your computer. In this instance, the drive would not appear to be the same drive letter as it should be. When this is the case, initializing would be required. You should tap it hard making sure that your hand hits the drive’s narrow edge or the one near the end of the cable connectors. Tapping might just help free the drive. Try plugging in the device once more and check if a drive letter appears.

Squeeze the hard drive

Another method that will help you recover data from your dying hard drive is through squeezing to the hard drive. This can be done by holding the device very tight. Press the drive using your thumbs and the rest of your fingers as well as your palms. Make sure though that you are squeezing or bending the jumping pins. This method would be useful if there is any part that has loosened up in the hard drive.

When you are doing this method though, you also have to make sure you have done some backing up of your data or files. Backing up data will take some time depending on how large the data stored in your drive and of course on data transfer rates too.

When you cannot squeeze it then freeze it

So what does freezing mean? Yes, your guess is right. You should literally freeze it inside your freezers. Take note that often, when the drive becomes overheated, there is a great chance that it will die. In this case, the drive’s center shaft would expand causing it to stick to the bearings. Freezing would then help shrink whatever has expanded and will allow the shaft to turn the way it used to.

There are a few things to remember when resorting to this method though. First, you have to make sure that you have a resealable plastic bag. This is where you will place the hard drive before freezing it. The plastic bag will keep the moisture out. When you have sealed the drive in the plastic bag then you can place it inside the freezer. Leave it there for two hours then try using the drive once more. Once the drive operates after this method, you should remember to back up your files. Look for a second external drive to make sure your files will no longer be compromised.

Get help from computer technicians

Computer technicians have a better way of recovering data from a dying or dead hard drive. Come to think of the methods we have mentioned above. You will notice that some of this may work but others will not. You want to make sure that the process will render benefits thus it would be easier to entrust it into the hands of professionals who would make the road to data recovery in Birmingham faster for you.

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