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Averting Data Loss With Professional Data Recovery Solutions

Just contemplate this situation where a Birmingham publishing firm is in the process of bringing out a new magazine. Just days before its much anticipated debut, their storage fails. You can well imagine that recreating all the pictures, articles and ads before the slated release is well nigh impossible. In such circumstances, the only recourse left open to the business would be to opt for professional data recovery in Birmingham if it is to keep reputation intact.

The casualty in such a situation

Obviously, the business in question either had no data backup plan at all and even if it was present, it was ill monitored and maintained. The cost of the failure was not only limited to money in the short term it might have also ruined the business relationships between various corporate or otherwise entities, a price too costly to pay. But fortunately for the publisher effective data recovery services exist and they are pretty good at what they do. Just a slight overlook by the technician who was to look after the backups could have proved to be catastrophic for the company involved.

Though there are a plethora of data recovery software out there, in order to restrict further damage to the only source data recovery as done by professional experts is really the only option, given such a scenario. Failure to retrieve data means loss of millions of dollars of money in the small run and given the bigger picture of corporate relationships.


The best way to go in such situations

In case of solo businesses or other small business ventures the option of professional services might seem to be feasible by a long shot. But to eliminate heartbreak in such situations a disk data recovery solution might exactly be what the doctor ordered and get your job done at a cost that is fraction of what it would have taken otherwise.

Software programs for data recovery can come at pretty low prices but the more powerful ones tend to cost a bit more at roundabouts of a hundred pounds which is still cheap when you compare them to professional services that might cost you more than a few hundred pounds if not thousands. The situation declares the solution as the complexity and the swiftness with which you need the data recovered. Note that in case of certain particulars only professional services might be the ones who may help.

Ensure that you take all the precautions that are necessary

An easy way to prevent future unnecessary data hassles is to take proper back up locally or as is the norm these days, in the cloud. Be sure to schedule it on a regular basis as that will negate the need of data recovery to a large extent. The boom in the sale of laptops has resulted in increased demand for data recovery services. In case of laptops one has to take certain measures for data management.

Laptops can also avail the opportunity presented by the cloud system of backups and if that is not present USB powered devices may also be put to use to create file backups intended for data preservation. Installing disk data recovery programs right at the outset ensures that lost data is retrieved in a jiffy. Combine that with disk monitoring software and you should be good to go. Or you could just spare yourself all the hassle and use cloud storage and/or backup.

Remember to be quick

Information stored on disks may also be sensitive and essential. You do not want to lose a valuable or long term client as you did not schedule data backups on a regular basis or did not confirm it. Such circumstances are preventable and should not be allowed to take place. However when data failure does take place use recovery tools as soon as possible, before it is finally gone. This is due to the nature of hard drives or other memory storage types. The more you computer writes on the hard disk, the harder it gets to retrieve all the lost data.

How data recovery works

In most cases, until the recent past data for files are written into magnetic hard drives consisting of round, thin platters that have a coat of shiny medium of magnetic data storage into which data is written or read by a head inside. Even when data is written over, usually it far from a perfect overwrite and traces of the lost data might be found. If one has the proper tools such data traces might be reassembled into a complete file. But the difficulty to retrieve the data is directly proportional to the number of times data is written over it. Therefore, you should be prompt in taking the right steps to recover your data.

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5 Money-Saving Computer Maintenance Tasks You Should Perform

Especially if you use your computer on a regular basis, you might want to internalize the habit of taking good care of it from time to time. Just as any other electronic device or machine, computers can greatly benefit from periodic maintenance tasks. By taking good care of your laptop or desktop machine, you can prolong its lifespan and avoid costly repairs in the future. Here is what you have to do to keep your personal computer in a great condition.


Repair the computer registries and clean the cached memory

The computer has multiple places in his memory where it stocks valuable information which can be accessed easier and quicker later on. For example, when you browse the internet, the computer might store certain cookies and other relevant info in its cache memory. However, after a while, this memory can get full and it will considerably slow down your computer. You need to periodically empty this memory to make your system faster.

Similarly, the computer registry entries might be deteriorated when you keep installing and uninstalling computer programs. As a result, your system might become unstable and prone to virus attacks. By using a special program, you can repair the registries and make your machine run smooth as silk. Software which repair registries and clean up computer memory are widely available on the internet and some of them are free to use.

Eliminate dust and impurities from the computer fan

Each desktop computer or laptop features a fan which cools down the warm components of your machine. However, after a while, the fan itself might become clogged and filled with different types of impurities like dust, dirt, hairs, and so on. As a result, the fan might not cool down your machine properly and this can lead to components damage.

Luckily, there is a simple solution to this problem. In most cases, you can see where the fan of your laptop or desktop computer is by just taking a look on its backside. Use a vacuum cleaner set at maximum speed to take out the impurities from the fan. Do this for several minutes each week and your computer will be cooled down properly.

Take advantage of free antivirus programs

No one really wants to invest money in a good antivirus program, but many of them are completely for free. Check the internet and install one antivirus program on your computer to be protected against viruses. If you are thinking of investing money to ensure the safety and stability of your computer, let professionals do that for you.

Use a soft brush to eliminate dust from between the keys

The keyboard of your computer can also trap dust, lint, hairs, and other impurities and as a result, it might not work properly in the future. To prevent this, you might want to use a soft brush from time to time and try to take out the dust from between the keys of your computer. Also, it is a good idea to avoid eating or drinking near your laptop or desktop computer as accidents can happen. You definitely don’t want to replace your computer keyboard simply because you have spilled an entire mug of coffee on it. Lastly, there are special cleaning solutions on the market which are designed to clean your computer screen and keep it in a good condition, so put them to good use.

Remember to back up your data

Data backup is very important, especially if you have a lot of precious files and documents in your computer. Various accidents and natural disasters can affect the stability of your system and can lead to partial or complete data loss. For example, in the case of a power outage, the hard drive of your computer might be affected and this might lead to problems accessing your data. Similarly, computer viruses can also delete important files in your computer.

To protect your files, it is important to make periodic copies of your entire system. Such copies can be used to restore your lost files in the case of a disaster or computer failure. You can copy your most precious files on CDs, DVDs, and USB memory sticks. You can also take advantage of file storage websites which allow you to store your files for a small fee. Lastly, professional data backup services are the most convenient, especially if you have a massive amount of data to protect and the security of your business is at risk.

We specialize in data recovery in Birmingham and we can tailor our services to suit your needs and preferences. We can also repair your laptop and desktop computer at a reasonable price or eliminate viruses and malware. Contact us today to find out more about our professional services and we will gladly answer any questions you might have!

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9 Astonishing Facts About Viruses You Must Know

Computer viruses are very much like regular viruses which give us colds and influenza. They spread quickly, they are very diverse, and they can make your day miserable when you expect the least. Did you know that 1 in every 3 computers in the UK contain some sort of malware or virus? Here are more interesting and shocking facts about viruses you probably didn’t know until now.


Approximately 9 out of 10 emails contain viruses or malware

Sending viruses through email is very easy and convenient for hackers and unfortunately, many people still open emails which have been infected or click on links which redirect them to an infected website. It has been estimated that 9 out of 10 emails contain some sort of virus. That is why you usually get so many emails in your spam folder. Luckily, today’s popular email providers like Gmail or Yahoo! Mail feature strong filters which stop most of the emails containing viruses to arrive in your inbox, but caution must be taken when open any type of email.

Amazon.com is the most popular victim for phishing attacks

Phishing is a form of hacking consisting of stealing precious information like login and password details. A hacker gives you the link of a popular landing page which seems to be legitimate. If you enter your login and password details, you won’t be redirected to your account, but these details will be sent to the hacker. As you probably already imagine, hackers prefer to steal account information pertaining to popular websites like Amazon.com, eBay, and Apple.

Most virus writers are usually children

Teenagers who want to test their programming skills usually create most types of viruses. Although the majority of these viruses are relatively weak, some of them have the chance of becoming popular and powerful. Recent studies show that approximately 6,000 new viruses are created each month and antivirus programs work overtime to be able to identify them and protect computers from all over the world.

Opening an email doesn’t automatically infect your computer

Every computer user should know more about how viruses can spread into their machine to have more peace of mind. For example, contrary to the popular belief, you cannot get a virus if you just open and read an email. Hackers who want to deploy a virus look for an input from the victim’s behalf. In other words, you have to do something to confirm the download of the virus in your computer. That is why infected emails contain attachments asking you to download them or links towards fake pages, etc.

1 in every 14 programs downloaded from the internet is malicious

We’ve established that most emails are infected, now it is time to learn that some of the programs you download from the internet also contain viruses. These programs usually feature the .exe extensions and it is sufficient for you to open them for the virus to spread. It is highly recommended to scan every program you download from the internet before opening it, especially if you take it from unknown sources.

United States is the country most targeted by hackers

Hackers tend to attack important websites and large financial online businesses to gain precious information or steal money. Any intel they could gather from important websites can later on be sold on the black market. Therefore, the United States is the most targeted country by hackers because it is a world’s superpower. Similarly, the Russian Federation is another country preferred by hackers.

MyDoom was one of the most troublesome viruses in the world

MyDoom was the name of a virus which managed to create an economic damage of approximately 39 billion dollars. This virus was capable of spreading very quickly and it infected millions of computers worldwide.

There is a big difference between hackers and virus developers

As we’ve previously established, most viruses are created by kids for fun and they are not that powerful. On the other hand, strong viruses which are capable of spreading into computers automatically, steal information, create backdoors or gain complete control of a particular computer are created by experienced hackers. The creation of such viruses requires advanced programming knowledge. In most cases, hackers are contracted by organized crime syndicates to create powerful viruses targeted at certain popular websites.

“Storm” spread in more than 50 million computers in less than a year

Storm was the name of a famous virus which was capable of spreading very quickly once it entered a person’s computer. From January 2007 to October 2007 this virus infected more than 50 million computers worldwide. Similarly, Tequila was the name of a polymorphic virus which appeared in 1991 and caused considerable economic damage.

Although the internet can be a dangerous place at times, if you have an antivirus program installed in your computer then you should be safe. If your computer has already been infected with viruses then we can help. We are a reliable Birmingham computer repair shop that can completely disinfect your computer and provide data backup services which will protect your files in the long run.

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8 Simple Ways You Can Protect Your Computer From Viruses

Especially if you use to shop from various websites on the internet or pay your bills online, you need to be extra careful when it comes to computer security and virus protection. There are many types of malware and viruses which can affect the stability and integrity of your machine, not to mention that your personal and financial information might be stolen too. Here are just a few effective ways you can fend off most computer viruses.


Do not download attachments from unknown email senders

Most if not all viruses spread via email, so you need to be careful next time when you open one or hit the “download” button. Especially if you do not recognize the email sender and you haven’t heard of him in your life, do not download his attachments or click any links in the email. There is a high chance that the email might contain dangerous viruses which can compromise the security of your computer.

Do not browse untrustworthy web pages

There are many websites out there which seem legitimate at first sight, but can spread a wide range of viruses into your computer. Make sure that you browse only popular and trustworthy websites and use a web browser which features a built-in malware detection tool. This security feature will immediately alert you if a particular website seems suspicious.

Keep your operating system updated regularly

Operating systems like Microsoft Windows or Linux are constantly updated as security bugs are discovered and solved. Therefore, you might want to download these updates on a regular basis to prevent hackers from exploiting these security glitches. As a result, not only that your operating system will be safer, but it will be faster and more responsive as well.

Make sure that you use an antivirus software program

All antivirus programs are essential in fighting malware, viruses, and other types of internet threats. If you don’t want to invest any money, you can take advantage of antivirus programs which are completely free. These programs are regularly improved and updated, and they provide minimal protection against computer viruses. Luckily, some of these antivirus programs don’t use a lot of computing power, so they can be run on slower machines too. On the other hand, paid antivirus programs offer top protection against viruses as well as a series of essential security tools which might be very useful for you.

Do not download and run executable files from unknown sources

A plethora of viruses can affect your computer if you download and run an executable file from an unknown source. In some cases, these files are “dressed” as legitimate programs which claim to protect your computer or under the form of a game. Unless you trust the source, do not download and run executables taken from the internet at random, otherwise the security of your machine will be at risk.

Do not plug random USB memory sticks into your computer

Believe it or not, viruses can also be transmitted to your computer through USB memory sticks, CDs, and DVDs. It is sufficient to plug in the memory stick or run a file from the DVD for the viruses to enter your computer. Make sure that you only use CDs, DVDs, and USB memory sticks from trustworthy sources like from friends and family members. Scanning the DVDs and other media storage devices with a powerful antivirus program is also highly recommended, to discover if they contain any form of viruses.

Do not click on internet messages which claim you have won 1 million dollars or something similar

No one has ever won a large sum of money just because he is the 1 millionth visitor of a particular website. It is sad to know that there are still people who fall for such scams. Make sure that you instruct your kids to stay away from such ads which claim that you have won a large sum of money as they will only increase the chances of getting viruses into your computer.

Double check the trustworthiness of a website before entering your login and password details

It is very probable that you are member of various forums and websites or that you have registered a paid account on media storage websites and so on. When you input the login and password details to get access to your account, make sure that you double check the security of the connection. In most cases, trustworthy websites feature a safe, encrypted connection represented by a green lock on your URL bar.

The website address might also begin with “https” instead of “http” and it means that the web page in question is safe. If you don’t see such security features, chances are that you might be a victim of phishing, so don’t input your personal details as they might get stolen by hackers.

Well, if your computer has been infected with viruses, you shouldn’t throw it out of the window yet! Bring it to a Birmingham computer virus cleaning service and you can completely eradicate all viruses and malware safely!

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