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Basic Laptop Care Tips You Should Never Ignore

So, you finally have you dream laptop. Perhaps it is the best machine you’ve ever had the privilege of calling your own. It has just the right hard disk capacity, the RAM you’ve always wanted, a speedy processor, cutting edge graphics and of course, the right bag. You can play tons of games, design anything and store huge files.

But somewhere along the line, the machine’s performance drops. It becomes slow, produces a funny sound and keep on letting you down on extremely important projects. You try to figure out where the problem is, but you can’t find any cue. Take it easy, the problem as you are about to find out, lies on how you take care of the laptop. How you turn it on, off, store it, carry it and so forth. So just how should you go about it? Read on to learn more.

Never pull the plug out cold

People do this all the time out of sheer laziness or for no reason at all. They pull the battery charger from the socket by the cord. This significantly takes a toll on both the lifespan of the charger and the laptop. The thumb rule here is simple; be gentle with the cord. Do not pull it from the laptop’s charging port or the socket. Then ensure no furniture rests on the cord or you don’t step on it from time to time. All these cons often end up resulting into a short-circuit in the long run, something that can shut your laptop completely or destroy it badly.

Be keen with food near your laptop


Be keen when eating or drinking anything near your laptop. Spilled drinks can cause short-circuits and eventually erase all your data. That is simply because the motherboard and moisture never go hand in hand. So if you really have to eat or drink anything as you use your laptop, exercise caution.

Ensure the fan works well

Everyone knows this, but only a few people take it seriously. Your laptop radiates heat anytime it’s on. It will therefore need to cool down after hours of continuous usage. Buy a cooling pad if you use your laptop for hours daily. It is an inexpensive one time investment that can easily be the link between your laptop and costly repairs. The pad is designed to prevent condensation of moisture around the motherboard area. It also ensures the fan runs well so as to keep dust and other small particles off the internal components of the laptop.

Shut the laptop gently

This will not cost you much. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. You are in a hurry to leave class or the office, so you just cold boot your laptop or ram the monitor on the keyboard. Or you feel sleepy as you watch a movie and you cold boot the laptop. Such acts will only damage your monitor in the long run and you may end up replacing the monitor. Simply be patient as you turn off your laptop. Then once off, ensure that there is nothing between the keyboard and the monitor.

Get a good antivirus software

Imagine losing crucial data because of a virus! It is frustrating. You may eventually get the data back if you are lucky to find a good data retrieval company. But why take the risk while you can avoid it? Update your software if it has expired or simply buy a new one. This will save you from potentially hazardous Trojans that are all over the internet. Be extra cautious if you download files online from time to time. Then remember to always keep your firewall on anytime you are online. A trusted Birmingham laptop repair service provider can always recommend the best antivirus software, so feel free to ask!

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