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A Good Data Recovery Plan Goes A Long Way In The Survival Of Small Businesses!

Small business owners have a million projects on their mind at any given time, and this often makes them to leave their data recovery plan at the bottom of their to do list. In fact, most small businesses don’t have a good disaster recovery plan, yet they are the ones that experience power outages, cyber attacks and natural disasters among other issues.

Although planning ahead for any disaster may seem like a daunting task, if you have the right knowledge and a great action plan, you too can prevent a complete data loss that could only mean the end of your business. But where do you start, you ask?  Below are important tips if you are looking to recover business data in case catastrophe strikes:


As a business owner, your files are the livelihood and without a proper data recovery plan, losing your data or files could mean losing the entire business. You need to be prepared for the worst and that is why making proactive decisions comes in handy when it comes to the success of your business. It is therefore prudent to create an emergency action plan for the business data. The plan should include a complete inventory of your business’ storage based hardware. The next thing would be to research a good data recovery vendor. And when you purchase new hardware for your business, it is also important to purchase a data recovery service plan along with it.


The best protection always happens when there is prevention. Investing in redundant backup system is a must if you want your business data to be safe and always useful. All you need to do is to establish a proper backup procedure so that you make copies of all important data files. But a proper backup procedure alone is not enough; you need to also test the backups periodically so that you verify that your database and other critical files are being backed up properly.

The other important thing is to keep one or two of the verified copies of your data offsite. You want to use up to date software tools for data security; so firewalls and virus programs can help you in this. However, never assume that your machine is protected from viruses because you are using the best protection software. You need to make sure that you scan all incoming data for any corruption. It beats logic that once you enable your computer with proper virus protection and backup software, you will definitely reduce the chances of losing important files.


Can you tell the signs of a failing drive? This could come in handy especially if you want to optimize the chances of recovery. Sometimes, you may hear grinding, clicking or whirring sounds. If so, shut down your computer immediately. And don’t use utility software or data recovery software because this can potentially cause data loss. You are advised to not power up your device when it makes an unusual sound. If you have to remove the hard drive, make sure that you first unplug the power to your computer. And if you are not sure where to start, it is always prudent to leave it to the professionals.


Did you know the simplest of answers can sometimes be the solution? You don’t have to panic when you think you have misplaced some of your critical data. Instead, you want to double check to ensure that you haven’t misplaced any of your files. The search button at the bottom of your computer’s tool bar can help you in the process. And some data could be in the recycle bin so check there too.


As a small business owner, it is vital to watch every dime and nickel so as to understand where priorities lie especially if you are to spend money on vendors. But when it comes to the loss of data and wants it recovered, it is the best time to throw the do-it-yourself attitude out the window. In fact, unless you are a pro in this field, don’t attempt to recover the data yourself using the repair or diagnostic tools because this can cause a permanent data loss. Research the vendor to ensure that you are working with someone you can trust. They should give the proof of industry certifications as well as the required experience.

At The Techbench, we provide a wide range of data recovery services such as USB data recovery and SD card recovery among others. All our hard drive repair procedures are done in a clean environment so as to protect it from contaminant damage. Our data recovery experts have vast experience and the right tools needed to address data loss issues. Contact us today for all your data recovery needs.   

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