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9 Astonishing Facts About Viruses You Must Know

Computer viruses are very much like regular viruses which give us colds and influenza. They spread quickly, they are very diverse, and they can make your day miserable when you expect the least. Did you know that 1 in every 3 computers in the UK contain some sort of malware or virus? Here are more interesting and shocking facts about viruses you probably didn’t know until now.


Approximately 9 out of 10 emails contain viruses or malware

Sending viruses through email is very easy and convenient for hackers and unfortunately, many people still open emails which have been infected or click on links which redirect them to an infected website. It has been estimated that 9 out of 10 emails contain some sort of virus. That is why you usually get so many emails in your spam folder. Luckily, today’s popular email providers like Gmail or Yahoo! Mail feature strong filters which stop most of the emails containing viruses to arrive in your inbox, but caution must be taken when open any type of email.

Amazon.com is the most popular victim for phishing attacks

Phishing is a form of hacking consisting of stealing precious information like login and password details. A hacker gives you the link of a popular landing page which seems to be legitimate. If you enter your login and password details, you won’t be redirected to your account, but these details will be sent to the hacker. As you probably already imagine, hackers prefer to steal account information pertaining to popular websites like Amazon.com, eBay, and Apple.

Most virus writers are usually children

Teenagers who want to test their programming skills usually create most types of viruses. Although the majority of these viruses are relatively weak, some of them have the chance of becoming popular and powerful. Recent studies show that approximately 6,000 new viruses are created each month and antivirus programs work overtime to be able to identify them and protect computers from all over the world.

Opening an email doesn’t automatically infect your computer

Every computer user should know more about how viruses can spread into their machine to have more peace of mind. For example, contrary to the popular belief, you cannot get a virus if you just open and read an email. Hackers who want to deploy a virus look for an input from the victim’s behalf. In other words, you have to do something to confirm the download of the virus in your computer. That is why infected emails contain attachments asking you to download them or links towards fake pages, etc.

1 in every 14 programs downloaded from the internet is malicious

We’ve established that most emails are infected, now it is time to learn that some of the programs you download from the internet also contain viruses. These programs usually feature the .exe extensions and it is sufficient for you to open them for the virus to spread. It is highly recommended to scan every program you download from the internet before opening it, especially if you take it from unknown sources.

United States is the country most targeted by hackers

Hackers tend to attack important websites and large financial online businesses to gain precious information or steal money. Any intel they could gather from important websites can later on be sold on the black market. Therefore, the United States is the most targeted country by hackers because it is a world’s superpower. Similarly, the Russian Federation is another country preferred by hackers.

MyDoom was one of the most troublesome viruses in the world

MyDoom was the name of a virus which managed to create an economic damage of approximately 39 billion dollars. This virus was capable of spreading very quickly and it infected millions of computers worldwide.

There is a big difference between hackers and virus developers

As we’ve previously established, most viruses are created by kids for fun and they are not that powerful. On the other hand, strong viruses which are capable of spreading into computers automatically, steal information, create backdoors or gain complete control of a particular computer are created by experienced hackers. The creation of such viruses requires advanced programming knowledge. In most cases, hackers are contracted by organized crime syndicates to create powerful viruses targeted at certain popular websites.

“Storm” spread in more than 50 million computers in less than a year

Storm was the name of a famous virus which was capable of spreading very quickly once it entered a person’s computer. From January 2007 to October 2007 this virus infected more than 50 million computers worldwide. Similarly, Tequila was the name of a polymorphic virus which appeared in 1991 and caused considerable economic damage.

Although the internet can be a dangerous place at times, if you have an antivirus program installed in your computer then you should be safe. If your computer has already been infected with viruses then we can help. We are a reliable Birmingham computer repair shop that can completely disinfect your computer and provide data backup services which will protect your files in the long run.

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