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5 Top Reasons And Fixes For Your Slow Running Mac

At some point, it is inevitable for Macs to slow down, just like any other types of computers. This situation is brought about by various reasons, but worry not, here are five of the best ways to deal with your slow Mac. Decide on the best way out for your Mac and eliminate that annoying issue!

A full hard drive

Overloading your hard drive will eventually slow down your Mac. Consider cleaning up your hard drive so as to increase the speed of your Mac. Deciding what to do away with and what to leave behind can be quite a task, but also very essential at this particular point. You can consider using a Mac cleanup tool to ease your task. A Mac cleanup tool helps remove the clutter to increase your Mac’s speed.

An OS that is not up to date

The operating system on your Mac is a very important element, especially towards the performance of your Mac. The older the OS, the slower your Mac will run. Update your version of OS with the latest version so as to increase the speed of your Mac.

How you start your Mac could slow it down


Always consider giving your Mac a clean start. The fact that so many things are loading up in the background when you start your Mac not only slows down your start-up but your Mac as well. Consider reducing your Mac’s startup load by simply going to your system preferences, then to users & group and then select your username. At this point, select log in items and choose the name of the applications you don’t need to run every time you start up your Mac. This will more likely than not increase your Mac’s speed.

Too many programs running in the background

When your Mac has to run too many programs at the same time, it is bound to get slow. One way to tackle this issue is by using an activity monitor. This can be achieved by going to your applications folder on your Mac, then the utility folder. In the utility folder, you will find the activity monitor. Once you open the activity monitor, progress to the memory filter and you will have a list of all the programs that are running in your Mac’s background. They will be arranged from the one that is demanding a lot of your Mac’s space to the one demanding the least space.

At this point, you can terminate whichever application you think you do not really require. Please be careful not to remove an application that is needed as a result of not knowing what it is. Just remove what you are sure you do not require and this can ease up your Mac for better speed.

The issue could be your hardware is too old

If this is the case, then very little can be done to improve the speed of your Mac. Especially if you have done all that is required of you to increase your Mac’s speed but in vain. The only way out now may be to replace your old worn out hardware with a new one. It may be costly, but that will be the only remedy of increasing your Mac’s speed.

The good thing about fixing your slow Mac is that you do not need to stress yourself undertaking all the above processes alone. All you need to do is contact Birmingham Mac repair experts and find the best solutions for any Mac issue that you might be facing. What’s more, repairs are not costly so even if you have a small budget, you can still get your Mac fixed!

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