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5 Signs That Your Laptop Is Struck With Electrical Damage Caused By Lightning

Although your laptop may not take all of its time plugged to the power socket, it is possible that it can be affected by the lightning especially when you leave it plugged in to the power source. The logic boards and microchips carry distinct currents that when they are overloaded, they can cause lots of issues.

Unfortunately, lightning and thunder storms are a true fact in many places or regions and could really not play well with laptops and other electronic devices. Electrical surges and frequent power lightning storms can cause some odd behaviors in your laptop. If you want to know some of the signs that your machine has been affected by lightning, then take two minutes to read the following:


Sometimes, even when you press the laptop’s power button, it may not power up at all. You may want to plug it to the socket to see if it will start but in vain. This is a sign that your power supply has been fried by the lightning strike. The power supply is the first defense against power surges or lightning strikes and that is why it is the first component to be affected.

If your machine fails to start up even after you have pressed the power button, then it could be time to have it checked by a professional. Sometimes, the motherboard may be affected too. It is the component that controls the BIOS, a very important program because it is responsible for both hardware and operating system startups. When the motherboard’s electrical components are affected by the lightning spikes, it can also lead to booting problems.

There are those times when you see a blue screen of death when the lightning strikes. It happens especially when the hard drive is trying to write or read at the time of the power anomaly. This causes an error which is written as 1 or 0 on your hard drive hence corrupting the system file. Don’t hesitate to contact a pro when you see a blue screen of death.


Did you know lightning travels down the power lines as well as the telephone lines? Normally, some computers are plugged indirectly on phone lines through the DSL connection, but there are others that are directly plugged into the old fashioned phone jack. If your laptop is directly connected to such a jack and when you boot it up the internet connection fails, then it is a sign that your network card has been fried as a result of a close lightning strike.

You should note that some routers don’t have much defense against the power spikes, so the power signals can still travel down the network wire to your network card. Sometimes, this can even break the entire laptop’s motherboard. Involve a professional when you realize that your internet has stopped functioning.


This could be the worst sign that your laptop has been struck by lightning since your data is stored here. It is a fact that the hard drive is a sensitive device and the logical controller in this device cannot take the huge spikes of the electrical current. So, this device can stop functioning after brown outs. Is your system slow? There are many causes of slower system such as virus issues and overheating of the system as a result of a malfunctioning fan.

But these are not the only reasons for a slow system; a low voltage on power surge can also hit the hard drive. This means that some sectors on the hard drive are affected thus leading to longer boot times, slower loading times or files not opening at all. And your hard drive may not function at all. There is good news though; all is not lost if your hard drive stops functioning. There are experts who can still recover your data and ensure that your business processes are not affected.


Your machine may seem to boot normally and before you know it the BIOS screen shows up. The laptop will later lock up, leaving a black screen with a blinking cursor. The boot loader is the one affected here and it happens similar to the corrupt file error that is associated with a blue screen of death after a lightning storm. This problem may also arise after power brown out.

When you hear thunder or see lightning, you should unplug the laptop completely from the wall. This should also include the power, speaker, network cable and all other devices that are plugged to the power source. Losing your data, internet connection and when your computer stops functioning properly are all frustrating experiences. You need to be protective of your laptop, so don’t leave it in the hands of Mother Nature. And whenever you experience problems, make sure that you contact a good service provider. At Techbench, we offer quality data recovery and laptop repair services at affordable rates. Contact us today for quick technical solutions. 

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