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4 Tips For Preparing Your Laptop For A Trip To The Repair Shop

Your laptop contains a lot of important information, much of it private. But then, it might develop issues such as running very slowly, screen freezing, etc., that make it difficult to use. Should yours develop such issues, have it immediately checked by a Birmingham laptop repair specialist.

Birmingham laptop repair

Unfortunately, most computer repair specialists need to alter the operating system which typically requires them to access your password-protected administrator account. The specialist might be honest, but you can’t count on that. And even if the specialist is an honest one, he or she might need to wipe the hard drive out of necessity. But with the right precautions, taking your laptop on a service trip should not result in a disaster. Here are some tips for preparing your laptop for a trip to the repair shop.

Start by making your laptop accessible

Your chosen computer repair specialist will need to boot your laptop. Rather than scripting the password on a piece of paper, it is recommended that you completely disable it. Once done, don’t assume that the repair people instantly know its problem. Yes, you told the repair shop’s representative what was wrong on the phone, but this does not mean the message got to the right person. When it comes to ensuring that your laptop is checked for the right issue, it is strongly suggested that you write a detailed description of your problem.

Protect the sensitive files

Like most people, you probably have a number of files on your laptop you do not want other people to see. These include tax forms, sensitive work files, credit card statements, bank details and statements, and much more. The best way to handle all this personal information is either to entirely remove the files securely or encrypt them. However, make sure to have the files backed up before deleting or encrypting them.

Back up the files

Create an exact image backup of your SSD or hard drive for the safety of your files. This way, should the computer repair specialist be forced to wipe out your hard drive and then re-install the operating system from scratch, you can be able to restore all of your data files. Should the specialist mess things up, with the backed up data, it is possible to restore your operating system exactly the same way you had it set up prior to you sending the machine to the repair shop. Backing up critical information before dropping off the laptop guarantees your peace of mind.

However, if the laptop specialist had a good reason for reinstalling the operating system, it should be noted that restoring everything from the image backup might restore the issue that caused the necessity for repair in the first place. So, be carefully with the data that is restored once the first problem has been resolved.

Make sure to put your important files in the cloud

If you are planning to work while the laptop is in the repair shop, ensure that all your important files are in a folder that can be accessed online, for instance in OneDrive, Dropbox, or any other cloud-based accounts. This way, you can be able to easily work on your current projects. Best of all, any changes you make on these files are synced to your laptop automatically when you get it back.

Laptop issues are not that hard to solve, however, they need to be detected early enough to avoid further problems, or making them worse. For example, if your problems are virus infection related, they can easily be solved by installing a reliable anti-virus software application and then scanning the whole system. Most likely, the infection will completely be removed. However, if this doesn’t work, then your chosen computer or laptop repair specialist can help you out.

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